Brendon and Friends is an upcoming BB Entertainment original animated series created by Brendon Bell and is scheduled to premiere on January 2017. 3 seasons are being planned for the show.

This is the first series to not be short-lived or experimental like the original Brendon and Friends (2010-2014), Doozle Mouse and Lazy Lan.

Synopsis Edit

Main article: The Weeptownian Defenders

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Brendon (voiced by Brendon Bell):

Jun Hong

Alif (voiced by Matt

Zuhairi (voiced by Michael Yeo):

Professor Nab (voiced by Sanfo Bimal):

The Original "Brendon and Friends" Edit

Brendon and Friends is the second BB Entertainment animated series that ran from 2010 to 2014 and also created by Brendon Bell. It stars the same characters: Brendon, Jun Hong, Dylan, Alif, Zuhairi and Professor Nab, along with other characters like Weng Lin, Likhitesh, Nathan and Bryan (none of these additional main characters return in the 2017 series except for Bryan in the episode "All About Bryan"). There was no specific plot to the series at all. It was just cartoon characters loosely based off Brendon Bell and his real-life friends having fun and nonsensical adventures in a fictional place called Weeptown. The show ended after 35 short episodes.

The series received mixed to negative comments from its audience, even from Brendon himself.

"To be honest, now that I look back at what I've done with Brendon and Friends over those five years, I feel so much cringe and disgust with the animation (I don't actually call it animation - just some drawings with sudden movement), story and voice acting - but it wasn't that bad for the episodes aired in 2014. After all, I started when I was six and had weird ideas, especially when I was not mature enough to make a show. Furthermore, school became more important over the years. So I decided to terminate this series in 2014, but I still had the dream of making Brendon and Friends something proper with better cast, story and animation. That soon lead to the thought of making a reboot."
From above, Brendon and Friends was a cut-short series and considered a failure, thus being cancelled shortly after Lazy Lan that ran for 6 episodes from March to December 2014. After that, the BB Entertainment channel became inactive for 2 years with very few videos uploaded (mainly of Patchmania, Rolling Sky, Angry Birds Friends, Lazy Lan behind-the-scenes and episode compilation from Seasons 4 and 5 of Brendon and Friends). During this period, the crew became very busy with their studies. However, plans for rebooting Brendon and Friends were actually in progress during this period but it was the production phase that had to be either slowed down greatly or avoided for a long time.

Production Edit

The series is planned to premiere next year on January with the introductory episode, The Weeptownian Defenders, revolving around the main plot of the series and introducing the majority of the characters while showing how Brendon, Jun Hong, Dylan, Alif and Zuhairi got together as friends and became the Weeptownian Defenders.

Very few episodes from the 2010 series have been chosen to be implemented into the 2017 reboot with a restructured plot so that it fits in with the overall flow of the series. They are The Coolio Dash (now Zuhairi's Lost Cool) , the Bryan episodes (now All About Bryan), Camping Trip, Dag Nab It!, and Snowed In.

The rest of the episodes will be original and released in the other seasons. The original BB Entertainment crew (Tang Jun Hong, Dylan Tan, Jovian Goh, Benjamin Au, Zuhairi Danial, Nathan Agasen and Likhitesh Reddy) will return and reprise their roles for this series. New crew (Jairus Chua, Joshua Poh, Darren Koh, Gareth Hoon, Michael Yeo, Sanfo Bimal and Isaac Lim) will also join the series, mostly for working on the stories for episodes and assisting on animation lead by Brendon Bell.

Animation production will be by BB Entertainment Animation, Marcian Fusion Studio and Vista Sixer Animation.

Brendon Bell will reprise his role as Brendon and Jun Hong

Episode list Edit

Below is an overview of the number of seasons and episodes in the series. What's this?

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 3 December 2016 January 2017
1 20 January 2017 March 2018
2 21 October 2018 December 2019
3 13 June 2020 December 2020

Season 1 (2017-18) Edit

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 1 Weeptownian Pals Brendon Bell

Jairus Chua

Brendon Bell

Dylan Tan

Jovian Goh

14 January 2017
Brendon, Jun Hong, Dylan and Alif move to Weeptown and go to Pearl Front School, where they are mistreated by the locals there just because they're 'foreigners'. However, Zuhairi befriends them and they soon prove themselves worthy of being Weeptownians when they, with the help of Professor Nab, defend the town from being destroyed by the alien group of Macapoolians.
2 2 Now You See Me, Now You Don't Brendon Bell

Darren Koh

Brendon Bell

Michael Yeo

21 January 2017
During a visit to Professor Nab's with the gang, Brendon accidentally eats cookies baked by Professor Nab. With Professor Nab around, something that can go wrong will go wrong. Now you see Brendon, now you don't. How is one supposed to make him visible again?
3 3 Camping Trip Zuhairi Danial Brendon Bell

Zuhairi Danial

There's a new kid in school. A cool kid named Zuhairi who manages to capture all the popularity from the students and teachers at Pearl Front. The pack feel left out like they did the first time they moved to Weeptown and become jealous of Zuhairi. Soon, the meanest bully in the school arrive to pick on the pack. Here comes trouble.
4 4 The Quicksand Man Jairus Chua Brendon Bell
Dylan gets a gift from Alif. It looks like an ordinary whistle, but it can do many strange things.
5 5 The Letter Benjamin Au Dylan Tan

Brendon Bell

6 6 Mystery Meat Brendon Bell Brendon Bell

Jovian Goh

Dylan Tan

7 7 Jun-in-a-Box Brendon Bell

Benjamin Au

Jairus Chua

Brendon Bell

Zuhairi Danial

8 8 Stalker
9 9 Gensokyo Invasion
A certain someone comes to invade Weeptown. Brendon notices a weird card and strange writings on it. kthxbye

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